La Música de Cuba, Volume IV: Alma Cubana

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The name of Bobby Jiménez is forever linked with the great traditions of classic popular Cuban songs. Throughout his long and successful career, Bobby has demonstrated his versatility and gift for communicating in English, French, Italian, and Portuguese, the most beautiful musical creations of these countries. However, it is his direct link to, and admiration for, the great composers of his native Cuba which have enabled him to interpret an extensive repertoire of Cuban music encompassing many styles and many decades.

Bobby attended the Conservatorio Municipal in his native Havana and studied vocal arts privately with Maria Fantolli, Edelmire de Zayas and Iris Burguet. Additionally, he was coached by several well-known artists, including Isolina Carrillo, composer of Dos Gardenias. He emigrated to the United States in 1985 and settled in Miami where he performed in the Cuban zarzuela Maria La O by Ernesto Lecuona under the direction of Marta Pérez in the Zarzuela Theater La Sociedad ProArte Grateli. He was also a well-known artist in local cabarets and appeared frequently on Spanish television programs. He moved to Washington, D.C. In 1989 and has given numerous concerts in the area including concerts at the State Department, and as a featured artist during the celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Bibiana Borroto began guitar lessons at the age of eight. Her father’s support was instrumental to her acceptance at Havana’s Municipal Music Conservatory Alejandro Garcia Caturla. She continued her music studies at Havana’s national School of Music, participating in guitar and chorus competitions and concerts. Under the tutelage of maestro Victor Pellegrini, she graduated with Music and Classical Guitar degrees from Havana’s Superior Institute of Art. On numerous occasions she has performed in international guitar festivals. She has participated in master classes with maestros Ichiro Suzuki, Costas Cotsiolis, Leo Brower and Rey Guerra among others. She has appeared in concert as a duo with classical guitarist Luis Manuel Molina. Ms. Borroto emigrated to the United States in 1988, settling in Miami where she also received master classes from virtuoso guitarist Manuel Barreuco at Florida International University. Together with Bobby Jiménez, she has appeared as a guest artist at the State department and also as a featured artist during the celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

A collection of popular songs: Bobby Jiménez,
Bibiana Borroto, Guitar
Selections by Portillo de la Luz, Porcel, Perdomo, Garay, Corona,
Simons, Grenet, Valdés, Carrillo, Sánchez de Fuentes, Ankermann, Alen, Lecuona, and Fornaris

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Performer: Bobby Jimenez, Bibiana Borroto
Composer: Ernesto Lecuona, Manuel Corona, Jorge Ankermann, Cesar Portillo de la Luz, Mike Porcel, et al.
Audio CD (August 14, 2000)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Elan Records

Track List

1. Son Al Son: Cesar Portillo De La Luz
2. En Cualquier Tiempo
3. Total
4. Perla Marina
5. Longina
6. Ay Del Amor!
7. El Manisero
8. Drume Negrita
9. Oggere
10. Ay Mama Ines
11. Mercedes
12. Dos Gardenias
13. Corazon – Bibiana Borroto
14. La Bayamesa
15. El Arroyo Que Murmura
16. Danzon ‘Legrand’
17. Versos Sencillos

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